Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass

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“It certainly looks to be full of beans” Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

Praise indeed for Zizzi Bonah’s, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass: A Musical Vaudeville Stage Play, adapted from Zizzi’s original novel

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 A story wherein every goodbye isn’t gone

… and every eye closed isn’t sleep, Alice falls into her own story while seeking the answer to Looking-glass question; much to the rage of infamous book reviewer, Paige Turner who threatens to jeopardise Alice’s writing career in Authorland.

Hoodlemania descends, and together Alice and her predatory blonde alter-ego, Miss Penopause walk the Critical Path to set forerunning hazards and high-jinks in motion in a bid to make Paige Turner eat her words and silence the damning book review before publication – but at what cost? For as Alice learns; it is far easier to get forgiveness than it is permission to get Paige Turner!


Alice Returns – release dates

> Novel: 23 March 2017 (ebook and paperback)

> Audio book: autumn 2017

> Screenplay: 23 March 2017 (ebook and paperback)

> Stageplay: 20 April 2017 (ebook and paperback)

All Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass characters are the creation of Zizzi Bonah, (with exception to the character of Alice, who was created by Lewis Carroll).


MP3 musical audiobook – 12 chapters – 7 songs

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Video extract from Chapter 1: Note-a-Rioty and the Looking-Glass Question

Zizzi reads opening pages from her novel, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass