Welcome to our “Selfie Share” WIN Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass prizes

Details of our Selfie Share to win Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass prizes

> Questions and answers

How do I enter?

You need a flyer. They are available from some bookshops and libraries; or you can easily download a PDF image of the front of the flyer here:


then print it yourself and simply;

  1.  merge your face with Alice’s face on the flyer
  2.  snap your picture
  3.  share your picture, by

i) uploading to TWITTER or INSTAGRAM using the hashtag: #AliceReturnsTheMusical


ii) post your picture on FACEBOOK by commenting on the PINNED Alice post found at top of page:

Will I be charged for entering?

It is FREE to enter this competition and is open to worldwide entries.

What are the prizes?

  1. personalised looking-glass certificates
  2. ebooks
  3. signed paperbacks
  4. audiobooks
  5. t-shirts
  6. tote bags

How will I know if I’ve won?

Winners on twitter and instagram will be contacted via a direct message within 3 working days of the prize draw. Winners on facebook will receive a message under their original entry. All winners are required to respond and confirm acceptance of their prize – only then can the relevant winner receive their prize; within 60 days of them providing their email address (for electronic prizes) or postal address (for physical prizes). Prize draw takes place on 8 January 2018

How many times can I enter?

As many times as you like.

How long is the “Selfie Share” competition open for?

It starts on 12 June 2017, and ends on 31 December 2017.

How old do I have to be?

Any age, but if you are under the age of 13 please ask permission from your parent or guardian.

What will the information I have submitted be used for?

Your information will be used to send you a message if you have won. By submitting the picture you are granting the promoter intellectual property rights to use the image.

Is the #AliceReturnsTheMusical hashtag case sensitive?

No, all variations will work successfully. You can type:

#AliceReturnsTheMusical, or

#alicereturnsthemusical, or


If you’ve not found a question and answer you are seeking, please feel free to contact us, using the contact page listed above.

We wish you good luck entering,

She And The Cat’s Mother, book publisher’s team

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