Here are two tracks featured in the story: Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass


SongMrAndMsery_AliceReturnsTheMusicalDotComSONG: Mr and Ms’ery

To be performed by the Looking-Glass characters Plotimus and Themeibus: these two quarrelsome brothers refuse to agree who is the more important in any story – plot or theme – before singing “Mr and Ms’ery” to Alice and Miss Penopause in the Doppelganger forest.


SongTelephoneTheOcean_AliceReturnsTheMusicalDotComSONG: Telephone The Ocean

To be performed by Looking-Glass character called The Monumoose: he is a creative creature, who encourages Alice and Miss Penopause to “Telephone The Ocean“, before adding: ‘Now, whatever you do, do not wake the Thesaurus too often. For if you ride the Thesaurus too far through your story, you shall simply wear him out!’